Why Call Center CRM Integration Is Necessary for Call Centers?

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January 16, 2020
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January 20, 2020
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Why Call Center CRM Integration Is Necessary for Call Centers?

A call center solution is used in almost all call centers along with other tools. Some call centers use the customer relationship management (CRM) solution and some do not. Using a CRM solution can be beneficial to the call centers. Furthermore, each call center must get call center CRM integration. In this article, I will share the top 3 reasons to integrate call center software and CRM solutions.

1. Use the best solutions for each operation

It is necessary to use the best solution for each task to leverage various benefits. Call center software is the best tool to run calling campaigns. Whether a call center needs to handle incoming calls or it needs to run outgoing calls, the call center solution can take care of all operations with ease and highest efficiency. Call center software helps call centers to increase productivity and success rate, both. This is the reason it is used in all call centers.

On the other hand, a CRM solution is useful to save customer records. It is necessary to store complete interaction history along with all the details of the customer. Of course, call center software lets call centers store information related to the customer, but it cannot store as much information as a CRM system.

Thus, it is necessary to use both of these systems. Furthermore, integrating both systems helps in using both best solutions for relevant operations with added advantages.

2. Save the time of agents to increase productivity

Agents often use information stored in the CRM solution to cater to the customer. To access this information, they need to switch to the CRM solution and to handle the call, they need to switch back to the call center solution. This way agents need to switch back and forth and it results in delayed response to the customer. This wastes a lot of time of agents that could be utilized more productively. Call center CRM integration eliminates the need of switching back and forth between the two systems. This helps in increasing the productivity of the agents in the call centers.

3. Delight customers with quick and personalized responses

If a call center doesn’t have a call center CRM integrated solution, then agents will switch back and forth between these two systems. Customers have to spend more time on hold. This increases the frustration level of the customers. Thus, it is necessary to give fast responses. Call center CRM integration fetches information from the CRM solution and shows that within the call center software solution. Thus, agents have all the required details of the customer within the call center system. This helps in saving time of the agent and providing him the required information so he can give personalized answers to the customer. This reduces call hold time and lets customers get quick answers. This increases the customer delight ratio.

Call center CRM integration fills many gaps in the call centers to provide them a powerful system. It helps in fine-tuning many areas. Thus, it is necessary to integrate the call center software and CRM solution in the call center.

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