Which Call Center Solution Features Heighten Customer Service Efficiency?

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September 29, 2020
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October 6, 2020
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Which Call Center Solution Features Heighten Customer Service Efficiency?

Worldwide businesses attempt to defeat the rivals by improving customer care. Adopting a feature-packed call center solution works as an adequate step. With communication channels such as WhatsApp, email, Twitter, web chat, phone calls, and SMS being conglomerated in the digital setting, it is necessary to possess an adequate smart call center software or a reliable call center solution with standard features and multiple communication channels. Along with performance enhancements, this software confirms to be reasonable also. Enterprises and companies can have an advantage over their rivals, by having a feature-packed call center solution.

Smart call center software is the best and most prominent, but everyone might not need those advanced features. Therefore, you can get a scalable and reliable call center solution, which must have some features to enhance performance and customer content.

Here are some quintessential features that your call center solution must possess:

1. Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)

An IVR attends the call before connecting the caller to an agent. All callers experience the alike welcome message and start the dialogue with an electronic voice machine on the other end. This machine aka IVR gives prompts or provides other required guidance to the caller. This is one of the fundamental features of call center solutions and available in all types of call center software.

2. Call management: 

A call center solution may have different call management features. Here are some of the fundamental and necessary call management features:

Voice logging

A majority of the solutions own this feature, using which people can record the dialogue between agents and customers. It benefits in sustaining the call quality. Furthermore, it may aid in fixing concerns that may arise again in the future.

Automated call routing: 

This feature serves to discover who is calling. It also manages call routing to a specific agent. The call center software automates this process, depending on various things. A smart call center software can discover the agent available to take the next call and display who is currently on a call. A call center solution can have multiple call routing features.

Call queues

This feature assures that if a client gets the busy line, he does not drop the call. The customers get added into call queues, as per the stipulated logic. The calls get routed into the queues of the agents who are skilled in resolving customer concerns.

3. Voicemails

There are possibilities when agents are not ready to take the calls. In these conditions, the voicemail feature of the call center solution can be really beneficial. Callers leave the voicemail and agents respond to these callers later.

4. Analytics

Analytics facilitates call center managers to obtain worthwhile details about team performance. They can procure more measurable details about the key performance indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • Call abandonment rate
  • Call drop ratio
  • Average call duration
  • Average call hold time
  • Service level agreement
  • And more

Smart call center solutions offer graphical reports. Graphical reports can be added to other call center solutions as well. This type of report empowers the managers to envision data and form their tactics respectively. Additionally, analytics aid in decision making.


A call center solution with all these features can harness your company processes. While hunting for the call center solution, especially when going to be used for customer care, make sure to have all features mentioned in this article at minimum.

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Author works in a leading VoIP company, which offers various call center solutions, smart call center software, virtual call center software, collection call center solution, etc. The company also offers services related to call center such as call center CRM integration, VICIDial customization, VICIDial WhatsApp integration, etc.

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