Virtual Call Center Software In 2021

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Virtual Call Center Software In 2021

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Call center solutions have been empowering various businesses along with call centers for many years. Therefore, many businesses have started using it. The increasing use of this software has encouraged call center software development companies to develop new features to meet the diversified needs of businesses. A virtual call center solution, also known as a cloud call center solution, is one of the most used solutions.

A virtual call center solution has this name because it helps in setting up a remote call center. All agents work remotely and the software can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. That is why it is called a remote call center software solution, too.

For many years, several companies have been using a virtual call center solution to minimize expenses and maximize returns over investments (ROI). The year 2020 faced the COVID-19 outbreak. This has formed many changes in various software solutions and virtual call center software is one of them.

The year 2021 will be quite different than earlier years and knowing the trends can help you grab the opportunities coming towards your court. Let’s see some major transformations.

Increased number of remote call centers

The COVID 19 has enforced many governments to impose strict lockdowns and even curfews. This encouraged companies to adopt remote working models and software that supports remote work. Due to the easy availability of cloud call center solutions, which support remote work, many call centers have made all preparations to go virtual if are not shifted remote already.

New models of remote working using a cloud call center solution

Earlier, the availability of cloud call center software made remote working possible. However, it had certain limitations. For example, all agents need to have a computer or laptop along with a strong internet connection. Not everyone can have the same or sometimes some network issues arise. A simple contact center solution hosted on the cloud cannot run a complete remote call center.

The companies developing contact center software came up with many revolutionary changes to overcome these limitations of cloud call center solution. The new version of cloud aka virtual contact center software ensures agents work in all conditions. Here are the working models made available by the leading companies:

·        Standard model: It lets agents work in a standard way. He opens the call center software on the computer or a laptop and attends the call on the same.

·        Only internet access, no computer: In this case, the agents can use the mobile app, which lets agents use all call center dialer features on their smartphones and keep working.

·        Computer with low bandwidth internet: To reduce the internet usage, the calls can be attended on the phone while all features of the contact center software will be shown and available on the computer screen to the agents.

·        No computer, no internet: The agents can still work. In this case, agents will get the calls on their phone and they can attend the calls to ensure the work does not stop. In this case, an after-call IVR disposition can be added, but any other features will not be available to the agents.

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