VICIDial vTiger Integration Benefits for Call Centers

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December 16, 2019
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VICIDial vTiger Integration Benefits for Call Centers

VICIDial is an open source call center software. It is developed to benefit different businesses and call centers. VICIDial has all features to run inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. Furthermore, it can be customized to meet individual needs.

vTiger is an open source customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It is one of the most popular CRM software solutions. It is used in many companies and call centers to manage customer data with all the information. It is also used to generate invoices and other campaigns to communicate with customers.

VICIDial vTiger integration is used to integrate VICIDial: Call Center Software with vTiger: CRM solution. The integration is performed to provide a simplified manner to access, manage, and use different features of both of these solutions.

There are many benefits of using VICIDial vTiger integration. In this article, I will share the top 3 pros of VICIDial vTiger integration to let you understand the worth of investing in this solution.

1. Save time

One of the features added with vTiger VICIDial integration is that users do not need to make the  same entries and changes in two different systems. Traditionally, if there is any company or call center that uses both of these solutions and if they add a new customer account in the vTiger: CRM solution, then they also have to add the same into the VICIDial: Call Center Software. It means a single entry has to be added in two different systems. Likewise, if an agent makes a change in any record in the VICIDial: Call Center Software, then the vTiger record will not be changed. The agent needs to change the record in the CRM solution as well. Often, there are many records to take care of and not just one. This wastes a lot of time in data entry. Not only this, but it also adds inaccuracy in records.

On the other hand, when you integrate vTiger and VICIDial solutions, the changes will be performed automatically. It means as soon as a record is added or updated in VICIDial or vTiger, it will be updated in another system as well. This will save a lot of time of executives and agents as well as makes sure both systems have highly accurate records all the time.

2. Increase productivity

As explained earlier, VICIDial vTiger integration automates different activities and increase efficiency. This characteristic of this integrated solution saves the time of executives, which can be utilized in other operations. For example, if you are running a call center, then the saved time can be used to run more calls to connect with customers or prospects.

3. Increase business

When your team starts working with the highest efficiency, you will be able to achieve more milestones such as you can increase customer satisfaction; you can double your sales, etc. This will help you increase sales and business ultimately.

The VICIDial vTiger integration has many benefits to offer and I have shared the top 3 pros of it. You can gain even more benefits from using this solution strategically. 

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