Top Utilities of Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution

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December 16, 2020
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December 18, 2020
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Top Utilities of Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution

VoIP technologies have given multiple reliable communication platforms to the VoIP development companies. These companies have developed several VoIP solutions to benefit businesses, enterprises, and service providers. One of the most popular VoIP solutions is a multi tenant IP PBX solution.

The multi tenant IP PBX software has been in use by many businesses. It offers robust and reliable communication and collaboration features. Some utilities of this software are well known to almost everyone in the VoIP industry. Other than that, this software has some more interesting and useful utilities. In this article, I will share brief information about known and some not so known utilities about the multi tenant IP PBX solution.

1. Independent, but completely administered business communication system

There are many companies, which have multiple physical offices and branches. There are also some business entities, which own a group of companies and not just a single business entity. The group companies usually have a bigger business setup with multiple branches, offices, remote employees, etc.

A multi tenant IP PBX solution can be a great tool to meet the internal and external communication needs of such businesses and companies. Each branch or independent business can have a tenant account. There can be independent features along with the complete confidentiality of branch wise records. This helps in letting each business branch use communication and collaboration features independently. On the other hand, complete control and administration powers are always available to the main office. The administrator of this business phone solution can handle all tenants. Moreover, he or she can also see the total use and other reports of each branch. This gives complete control to allow administered resource use for better returns.

2. Revenue generation with the multi tenant IP PBX software

This has been one of the popular utilities of this solution. There are many businesses that do not invest in purchasing an IP PBX system to use the rich communication and collaboration features it offers. However, they choose to use the services from the providers offering hosted VoIP business phone services.

This opens an opportunity for anyone that wants to make money by launching a new revenue generation channel. The multi tenant IP PBX solution can be used to offer PBX services to any customers. The smart VoIP solutions and enterprise smart telephony platforms come with many other VoIP solutions at the cost of the multi tenant IP PBX system. This empowers PBX service providers to offer multiple other services to generate more money.

3. Running a reseller business

If you are an aspiring business owner, who does not have enough funds to buy a complete multi tenant IP PBX solution, then you can become a reseller. All you need to do is contact a VoIP service provider offering the reseller models and join the reseller program. The enterprise smart VoIP solution offers flexible payment models. In this case, you can get the multi tenant IP PBX software and launch your own reseller program. In both cases, the reseller will be able to sell the services to the end-users and make money. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for the reseller business network.

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