Top Benefits of Collection Module Integration with Call Center Software for Collection Companies

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Top Benefits of Collection Module Integration with Call Center Software for Collection Companies

This is the era of luxury. With easy access to different types of loans people can buy all the luxuries of life. This is the reason more and more people buy different luxury items on loans such as home, car, bike, and even a travel package. Collection companies take care of the operations after the loan lending process. The collection companies recruit skilled agents who run calling campaigns to reach to people on time to ask them to pay their EMIs on time.

The job of collection companies sounds easy, but it is daunting and tiresome. The collection companies need to group numbers of the customers based on different criteria and call them one by one. They also have to put the call’s conclusion which can be a promise to pay on a specific date, or a callback request or a similar message. The agents need to call repetitively on the same number until the amount of EMI is paid by the customer. The collection manager needs to filter the lead from the calling list as soon as he pays an EMI.

Generally, to take care of calling operations, the collection companies use the call center software. The call center solution comes with helpful features that automate the calling operations with its automated dialers such as predictive dialer. Moreover, some more operations can be taken care of using a call center solution. However, a collection company still needs to take care of some more operations manually. This wastes a lot of time and resources.

Some renowned VoIP companies offer collection module. The collection module can be integrated in VICIDial or any other call center software. It provides additional functionality to the collection companies to benefit businesses. Some of the top benefits are briefed below:

The collection module provides some ready to use disposition messages. These disposition messages provide a call conclusion message. It means agents do not need to write the disposition. All they need to do is select the appropriate disposition from the list.

The collection module also stops calling a customer if he has already paid the EMI or has given any specific date until which the company should wait for his payment. Based on inbuilt functionality, the collection module will filter some leads from the calling list. This will assure that agents are calling to the leads that need to be called instead of calling customers that have promised to pay EMI at a certain date or have already paid.

The collection module also puts the contacts in the call list based on their payment group on its own. This will help collection companies to keep contacts in different calling groups. The script can also be customized for different customers based on their group.

The collection module also shows a complete information about customer interaction along with its payment history. This helps collection companies to customize the script and handle leads accordingly.

There are many benefits of using a collection module that can be integrated in the call center software to use it as an inbuilt feature of the call center solution.

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