Top 3 Benefits of Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution with Integrated Advanced Billing System

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December 2, 2019
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Top 3 Benefits of Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution with Integrated Advanced Billing System

The VoIP industry has given many feature rich solutions to the world which benefit residential and commercial users. In fact, there are some companies that are running on different VoIP solutions as they offer different VoIP services. A multi tenant IP PBX solution is one of the most feature rich solutions invented by the top VoIP companies that have invented advanced to smart VoIP software solutions. Fundamentally, it is an independent system and to perform billing, if needed, the users or providers need to integrate a feature rich VoIP billing software which can be an open source or proprietary. The multi tenant IP PBX solution also comes with an integrated billing solution. This type of IPPBX system with integrated advanced billing offers many benefits to its users. In this article, I will describe the top 3 benefits of using a multi tenant IP PBX software with integrated billing

1. Connect all branches with a centralized communication system

The multi tenant IP PBX solution can be used to connect all offices with a single system. This type of VoIP solution comes with a wide array of communication features along with the availability of remote access. It also offers more than one communication channel and offers reliable conference calling to provide an enriched communication system. Using this system, a company can not only offer advanced communication features to its team members, but it can also connect all branches with the headquarter. This gives access to a centralized solution that can be used to offer a controlled, fair yet required communication system.

2. Provide VoIP calling services

The multi tenant IP PBX solution comes with all required features in it to perform one to one calling or conference calling. It can also be used to chat and take benefit of other types of communication. The VoIP service providers use multi tenant IP PBX software solution to offer VoIP calling services to its customers. If it has an integrated billing system, the service providers can automate the billing and invoicing. From a larger perspective, it is an automated system that offers IP PBX aka business VoIP services to companies. This saves a lot of time and resources and increases profit margin.

3. Keep costs low

Whether you want to run a new business with this system or you want to empower communication and collaboration in your company, you can leverage monetarily benefits. The communication based on IP based calling is cheaper than the PSTN aka traditional telecommunication cost. This will significantly reduce communication costs. Furthermore, when you get a multi tenant IP PBX solution along with an advanced billing software, you will not need to pay additional money to acquire and integrate the billing system in your IP PBX solution. This will also save money for you. The management and maintenance cost of this type of system is also low.

These are the top 3 benefits of using a multi tenant IP PBX with integrated billing software. This solution can be used for different use cases. Also, it is useful in all industry verticals.

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