Sticky Agent and Its Major Advantages

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Sticky Agent and Its Major Advantages

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The demand and use of call center solutions are increasing like anything, which has resulted in better features and advanced functionalities. The intelligent call center software is the most advanced contact center solutions available in the market. The sticky agent is one of the advanced features available in all modern-day call center solutions, but of course, the most sophisticated version of it is available in the intelligent call center solution. It has many advantages and that is why I am writing this article to give detailed information on this feature and its major advantages.

What is a sticky agent?

       It is an automated call distribution rule available in the call center software.

       What makes this feature different than other automated call routing rules is it makes sure every time a caller or customer calls back, he or she gets connected to the same agent.

       If for any reason, the agent is not available to attend the customer, then only the call gets connected to another agent. In this case, also another agent will have almost the same skills as another one, so he can deliver better services. However, the hard rule here is connecting the caller to the same agent every time he or she calls again.

What are the major benefits of using a sticky agent?

Any business or call center for which customer relationship building is of the highest priority can use this feature. However, some industries such as financial consultants, travel agencies, hospitality businesses, real estate, emergency assistance, and personalized services can leverage the many advantages by using this feature.

Below are the top 3 advantages of using the sticky agent feature:

1. Reduce the average call handling time

In the intelligent call center software, when a call is connected to the agent, the agent can see the conclusion of the last call and some basic information about the customer. However, the agent cannot have a complete picture of the issue faced by the customer. Therefore, the customer has to repeat the same story again. However, if the same agent attends the customer call, he/ she will know the customer issue and therefore, will be able to give instant status or personalized responses. This will reduce average call handling time as the customer will not need to repeat the same story again.

2. Increase sales

If the customer is calling regarding his/ her sales inquiry and getting connected to the same agent, this helps both of them to have a more confident and straight conversation. Connecting with the same agent also helps in building a better rapport and trust factor. Therefore, whether it is a cross-selling or upselling campaign or a brand new lead, in both cases, the lead conversion ratio aka sales can be increased quite high.

3. Increase customer loyalty and retention

Emotion plays an important role in business. Many customers stick to a brand because of the emotional connection they have. When a customer communicates with the same agent, a strong rapport can be created between both. This directly contributes to increasing customer loyalty and retaining them for the long term.

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