Social Media Marketing vs. Hire In-house or Remote Social Media Manager

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Social Media Marketing vs. Hire In-house or Remote Social Media Manager

Digital marketing is gaining a lot of popularity because by overcoming all roadblocks and hurdles, it lets businesses reach local or global customers and convert all predefined business goals. The two most popular digital marketing activities are SEO marketing and social media marketing. Earlier, businesses used to focus more on search engine optimization and marketing. However, with changing trends, the use of social media platforms to advertise and showcase business offerings has become inevitable. SMM (Social Media Marketing) is as important as SEO web marketing.

Billions of people are actively using more than one social media marketing platform and thousands of businesses are competing to grab the attention of these users. To stand out and grab the attention of your targeted audiences, you need to have a social media strategy for both organic and paid advertising. For that, you need an experienced social media manager.

There are three ways to get the best results from professional SMM:

1.      Use SMM services offered by a social media agency

2.      Hire an in-house SMM expert

3.      Hire a remote social media manager

Let me explain and compare all three options, so you can make the right choice for your business.

·        Social media advertising needs a team of a social media manager, content writers, and a graphic designer. When you either use SMM service or hire a remote social media manager, you will get access to all three resources at the same cost. When you hire an in-house SMM expert you either need to rely on the designing and writing skills of the SMM expert or hire a writer and designer. As per the norm, it is better to let writers and designers do their job as they will have more experience and therefore can deliver better output. Moreover, it will let a social media manager focus completely on advertising and reputation management on social networking sites.

·        Social media marketing services from a company usually cost a fixed cost. Likewise, if you hire a social media manager from a digital marketing agency, then you will need to pay the predefined cost. However, if you hire an in-house SMM expert, you will need to pay additionally for resource management, to provide a work environment, rewards, beverages, etc.

·        While hiring from a company, whether a manager or services, you will have clarity on what you will receive. On the other hand, if you hire an in-house expert, you probably will not have that clarity as it depends on the resource and how responsible he or she is for the job.

·        While hiring a manager or use a service from an agency, you can be rest assured that work will go on without any excuses. While hiring an in-house executive, you might need to deal with sick leaves, holidays, resignation, recruitment, and similar other challenges.

·        If you hire an in-house member, the benefits you get are having the person on your premises, which is not possible with the other two options.

Concluding notes

This is a brief comparison between the three options available to use professional social media marketing services. Based on your preferences you can choose any one of them. Cost-wise each would cost almost similarly.

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Author works in a digital marketing agency, which offers services like website SEO services, graphics designing, social media marketing, SEO content writing, etc.

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