SEO Marketing: Pros and Cons

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SEO Marketing: Pros and Cons

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means first optimize the website to be search engine friendly, which is followed by SEO marketing to the market website on the digital landscape to leverage SEO benefits. As more and more businesses are moving towards digitization, the demand for SEO marketing is also increasing. More and more organizations and companies have started investing in website SEO services.

If you are also thinking to hire an SEO expert to contract a trustworthy SEO company for SEO marketing of your website, you must know the pros and cons of it to make the right decision.

SEO marketing benefits:

There are many advantages of the right search engine optimization marketing. We will look at the top 4 benefits:

1. Establish your business as a domain expert

There are various activities performed by SEO experts, which help you establish your business and your brand as a domain expert in your business domain. This will create a better and stronger brand image and authority.

2. Bring your targeted traffic without additional expenses

Unlike PPC in which you need to pay for each click, in SEO marketing all you pay for is the website SEO service package or salary of your SEO expert. You do not need to pay for anything in addition. This in the long-term gives many advantages including low cost per sale.

3. Bring more leads and sales

SEO marketing campaigns get designed to bring targeted traffic to the website as well as appear in front of people that are looking for what you offer. This results in an increase in lead generation aka inquiries. Also, these are inbound leads which mean they are more likely to buy, which results in increased sales.

4. Give long term advantages

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, SEO gives long term results. It means even if you stop investing in SEO, you still have the content distributed on digital sites and some keywords ranking on search engines, which will give you SEO returns and advantages.

SEO marketing disadvantages:

SEO marketing technically do not have disadvantages, but it has some traits which are considered as drawbacks by some companies:

1. It takes time in giving results

SEO is an organic process of getting ranked on websites, earning authority, and establishing a brand as an expert in the niche. Thus, it takes significant time in giving results. You need to wait at least for three to six months to get tangible results. Of course, you will start experiencing the difference from the very first week, but to get expected returns, you need to keep patience.

2. It is more widespread

If you have a very specific product, which you need to sell in a specific city or state or country, the paid advertising is better than SEO marketing in some cases. The reason is SEO gives global reach and visitors. Local SEO can be performed, but there are some limitations to it.

3. It is expensive in competitive domains

SEO marketing is performed by carrying out a set of activities such as content marketing, regular blogging, etc. Thus, along with SEO, you also need to consider the expense of these additional elements. Moreover, in competitive domains, you need to invest more to get to the top and bring results. Thus, to some businesses, it may sound expensive.

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