Pros of Magento 2 Development over Magento 1

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Pros of Magento 2 Development over Magento 1

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Magento 1 did achieve great success. Even in the modern age of the multi-vendor marketplace, Magento development is preferred by many eCommerce development companies and experts. Yes, support for Magento 1 has stopped since Jun 2020. However, we cannot forget the facility Magento 1 gave to users to design, build, and manage their online shopping stores or eCommerce websites hassle-free. Now, Magento 2 is an emerging technology to build single-vendor or multi-vendor marketplaces. It has overcome all weaknesses of its predecessor. 

Being one of the leading eCommerce development companies, it is our duty to educate you about Magento 2 and how it is better than Magento 1 to help you make the right choice.

Advantages of Magento 2 Development over Magento 1 Development


Magento 1 could process 100-150,000 orders/hour. On the other hand, Magento 2 is capable of processing 250-300,000 orders/hour. As you can see, 117% growth in performance.

Speed of accessing a page:

Home Page: 

Magento 1: 2.25 seconds 

Magento 2: 1.06 seconds

As you can gauge, Magento 2 can load home page within 2 seconds and thus, give you SEO benefits as well.

Category Page:

Magento 1: 2.54 seconds 

Magento 2: 1.26 seconds

Configurable Product Page:

Magento 1: 2.47 seconds 

Magento 2: 1.32 seconds

Simple Product Page:

Magento 1: 2.40 seconds 

Magento: 1.24 seconds.

Guest checkout:

Magento 1: 6.5 seconds 

Magento 2: 4.0 seconds

Customer Checkout:

Magento 1: 8.22 seconds

Magento 2: 5.99 seconds


Magento 1: 2.23 seconds

Magento 2: 0.99 seconds


Magento 1 e-commerce site owners could integrate preferred payment gateways, but it normally needed a third-party integration or seldom custom Magento development work to integrate a payment gateway.

On the other hand, Magento 2 lets merchants automatically add the preferred and popular payment gateways without needing added development or integrations.  

Advanced Admin Panel

Admin can personalize the admin panel to operate flawlessly. The product formulation is four times quicker with Magento 2. It incorporates drag-and-drop ability also. Therefore, the admin can operate with GUI even if he does not know Magento development. Admin panel is developed in a form that order management, product management, customer management, and other similar tasks are straightforward and simple. In fact, an admin panel is now available with a touch screen feature.

Mobile friendly

Presently, online shoppers shopping through smart devices are quite high. Thus, to stay in the market, an e-online store has to be responsive to all devices regardless of screen size or resolution. Magento 2 renders this characteristic with greatly enhanced mobile-friendly store designs. Magento 2 has become more SEO friendly with this new characteristic of mobile-friendly design and panels.


Magento 2 has arrived with several improvements and enhancements over Magento 1. Furthermore, it has some added functional capabilities and features as well as extensions that were not available earlier. From simplified payment gateway integration to mobile-friendly designs, everything makes Magento 2 the right choice for eCommerce websites. Whether you are using the Magento 1 store and looking forward to migrating to Magento 2 or you are exploring options for your next or first online store, you must choose Magento 2 and enjoy a plethora of advantages.

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