Predictive Dialer vs. Preview Dialer

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November 19, 2020
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Predictive Dialer vs. Preview Dialer

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Out of all available call center solutions, an intelligent call center software solution is considered the most powerful and advanced call center solutions. In fact, some technology experts have shared that it is the most advanced call center software. It has various features to offer. Some features of this software use similar names similar to other call center solutions. However, functional capabilities and intelligence are often higher and better than traditional solutions.

Out of all different features, predictive dialer and preview dialer are the most widely used features. Both are part of one of the features offered by an intelligent call center solution, called, ‘Auto Dialer’. Thus, in this article, you will learn about the differences and similarities between both of these auto dialers of the intelligent call center software.


There are a few similarities between these auto dialers.

·        Both functions with intelligent technology added by intelligent contact center software developers.

·        Both dialers can select numbers to be dialed based on various factors to increase the connect ratio and reduce wait time for agents.


When we talk about preview dialer vs. predictive dialing, there are many differences. I am going to share major differences between both of these automated call dialing features of an intelligent contact center solution.

·        Predictive dialer is an auto dialer and preview dialer is a manual dialer.

·        Predictive dialing is the process of automatically dialing numbers using a predictive dialer. This call center dialer holds the intelligence of dialing sufficient lead numbers to ensure as soon as the agent gets available, the next call is routed to him or her. Preview dialing is the process of running an automated calling campaign using a preview dialer. Preview dialing is completely different. Before dialing a lead, it shows some information about the lead, which is called preview. Once the agent accepts to take a call with the shown lead, then this dialer makes a call.

·        Predictive dialing does not show a preview of the customer while its counterpart shows the same.

·        The former can dial multiple numbers at a time to connect with enough leads for agents who will be available the next moment. On the contrary, the latter one can dial only one number at a time.

·        The former just connect the lead to an agent, there is no option to reject the call. The latter one, lets agents choose to take or bypass the call with leads. Remember, a preview is shown before dialing the number.

·        Predictive dialing can increase call drop ratio as it is possible that a customer or a lead picks up the call and the agent is not yet available to take the call. On the other hand, preview dialing never causes this issue. An agent stays waiting for a customer or a lead to get connected.

·        The former one bypass busy and unavailable leads, so agents do not waste time. The latter one keeps agents listening to the whole process of dialing, ringing, listening to a busy tone, etc. So it wastes some time.




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