Must Have Features in Call Center Software for Customer Care

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January 9, 2021
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Must Have Features in Call Center Software for Customer Care

A call center software solution is used by many businesses for various reasons. Using this software to deliver exceptional customer care service is vital along with other operations carried out using this software. If talking about customer care, a majority of companies use this solution to cater to their customers with excellent post sale support. In fact, there are some call centers, which are dedicated to offering excellent customer services to the customers of companies they cater to. In a nutshell, in the modern world, where businesses cater to global customers among fierce competition, customer care and support become vital. A call center solution contributes to delivering an excellent customer experience.

Different call center solutions offer a wide range of features. Each business or call center, depending on the nature of business and usage, needs different features in the dialer. As we are talking about customer care, let me share the major features needed in your contact center software to deliver reliable and satisfactory customer care services.

1.  Call routing rules

This is a basic feature and all call center solutions will have it without a doubt. Therefore, you will get some of the automated call distribution features, but what you need to be aware of is some important call routing rules. The call center software might have package based features. If the major use of the dialer will be to handle customer care calls, then make sure you must have the below mentioned call routing rules:

·        Sticky agent to ensure a customer gets attended by the same agent every time. This helps in building a strong customer relationship.

·        Skill based call routing to ensure a customer calling for the first time gets connected to the agent that is the most skilled to resolve the concern.

2. Call center Twitter integration

Phone calls are outdated for customer care. People take the help of social media platforms. It means instead of finding a customer care number and calling for help, the customers nowadays simply grab their phone and send a tweet about the issue they are facing. Not only this, but they also expect to be heard and responded to. Facebook is also used to share complaints and anger along with Twitter, but Twitter is more widely in use. It is not possible to keep a person to keep an eye on Twitter mentions. Here comes call center Twitter integration into place. It becomes necessary to deliver excellent customer service.

3. Simple and reliable IVR menu

IVR menu is one of the common features, which is available in all call center solutions. From putting customers into the right call queue to answering the customer issues on the spot, an IVRS can be used in multiple ways. If your call center solution does not support nested and multilevel IVR without making it confusing, then it will not serve the purpose. Therefore, make sure your dialer offers nested IVR with speed to text functionality

Along with these features, a call center solution empowering customer care centers should also have the following features:

·        Automated callback

·        Soundboard Avatars

·        Text to speech

·        Call recording

·        Call quality monitoring

·        And more

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