Magento vs. Shopify: Major Benefits and Drawbacks

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Magento vs. Shopify: Major Benefits and Drawbacks

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Magento and Shopify are two majorly used eCommerce development platforms. In this article, you will learn about the major pros and cons of both of these platforms to help you choose the right platform for your online store or marketplace development.

Magento Advantages:

Community Support

Magento is an open-source eCommerce development platform. Thus, Magento has a huge and proactive community. This community has a wide array of user-produced content that lets Magento development companies and Magento programmers receive all types of resources. Easy to learn and extensive information is accessible on each point, related to Magento development to build any type of online store. It provides a comprehensive platform to let you connect with other Magento users. This provides free resources and helps that aids in resolving any sorts of concerns that developers might face with the Magento web store development.


As Magento is an open-source platform, it is accessible to everyone for free. If you know Magento development, there is no expense related to store development. Even if you do not know the same, you can get affordable Magento development services from companies in India. Notwithstanding, you need to pay hosting costs.

Versatility and freedom

With an eCommerce store built using Magento development, as far as you have a skillful programmer, you can build an online store or marketplace that stands out from the masses. The innovative look and feel as well as the functionalities of your eCommerce website serves to establish a brand that customers remember.

Magento Disadvantages:

Time and effort

It demands significant time to get used to the Magento interface. For new users, it is most useful to learn the platform before start working on it. You can also get a demo from the Magento development company, which builds the online store for you to save time. If you want to master the art of coding in this platform, it will take considerable time and effort.


Magento 2 is a bit complex. Thus, configuring and maintaining an online store can be a tedious job and challenging for non-technical people. It needs vast coding experience in Magento and is challenging to get expertise on.

Shopify Benefits:

App Store

Shopify has a huge App Store that enables Shopify development companies and experts to increase the functionality of eCommerce web store. This facilitates developers to develop a whole online store to take the business to the next milestone.

Premium Themes

Shopify has more than 100 themes that are optimized for various devices and screen sizes. It is extremely valuable as most buyers now check products from their mobile devices or tablets.


Shopify gives round the clock support via live web chat or email channels. It helps in resolving obstacles faced in Shopify development instantly. Shopify also offers a forum that lets Shopify users share help and information.

Shopify Disadvantages:

Paid E-commerce Platform

It is a proprietary platform to build online stores. Thus, all restrictions and drawbacks related to proprietary software are related to Shopify such as:

  • Monthly fees to use the platform
  • No access to code
  • Cannot customize completely theme 


Shopify development team needs to use multiple apps to build a functional online store. Moreover, code is not accessible completely, which makes development somewhat difficult.

Insufficient free themes

If you like free themes, then you will be frustrated with this eCommerce development platform. It has a pretty poor number of free themes. Notwithstanding, to attract your shoppers into getting acquisitions, buying a premium theme is necessary.


Transaction fee

If you use any third-party payment gateway such as PayPal, Stripe, etc., you need to pay a transaction fee for each transaction. To avoid this fee, one needs to use the default Shopify payment gateway.


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