Magento 2 Migration: Pros and Cons

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Magento 2 Migration: Pros and Cons

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Every Magento user knows that Magento 1.x is no longer supported by the community. There will not be any enhancements or security patches for the Magento 1 users. On the other hand, Magento 2 is considered as the most powerful and feature-rich eCommerce platform. Now, one of the most feasible options available to the Magento users is migrating to Magento 2. However, many people are still not sure, as there is also another option of migrating to any other e-commerce platform.

Thus, a common question bothering everyone is whether they should invest in Magento 2 migration or not. Instead of giving you a straight answer, I would like to share the benefits and drawbacks of the Magento 2 migration. These facts will help you make the right choice.

Advantages of Magento 2 Migration

1. Speed:

Magento 2 incorporates the cache of the full-page by default. Additionally, it needs an advanced PHP version. The outcome is quicker page load and reduced wait time. As per the top Magento development companies, by applying the right configurations, a 50% faster page load can be achieved with Magento 2 stores compared to its earlier version. However, if you are using an older version of PHP, then you might face the slow load speed of the store.

2. Better admin experience:

Magento 2 has launched an improved user interface. The admin page is presently more instinctive and offers great features and control. Additionally, it offers even more mobile-friendly website, which further enhances the user experience for mobile shoppers.

3. Better and well-built extensions:

Magento extensions have also proved to become a boon for Magento development companies and experts. They can add any functionality to these extensions. Originally, there were a few extensions available in the marketplace, but now because of the moderate boundaries by adding a new extension, the count of extensions has risen. There are some not so good extensions also available to the Magento 1 users. However, for Magento 2, you can rest assured to get excellent extensions because Magento 2 development demand expertise and not all companies or experts posses it. Thus, you would get better extensions and functionalities.

4. Continuity of security patches

As everyone knows, now onwards, Magento 1 users are not going to receive any security patches. Of course, Magento development companies around the world will provide the required support and development to enhance the security and functionalities of your store, but there will be no support and security patch released by Magento Inc.

5. Advanced functionality

Magento 2 follows different structure and offer some never seen before e-commerce features. It is also highly secure. You can gain competitive advantages by migrating to it.

Disadvantages of Magento 2:

1. Not many extensions:

Magento 1 has been in the industry for many years. Thus, there are many extensions available. However, Magento 2 has not been there for so long. Thus, there are not that many extensions available in the market.

2. Expensive compared to Magento 1:

As mentioned earlier, Magento 2 migration is not similar to upgrading a version. Magento 2 has different structure. Thus, there are not that many experts in it. To migrate to Magento 2, you need an expert that can swiftly migrate your existing store to Magento 2 without any data loss.

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