Importance of Omnichannel Intelligent Call Center Solution in 2021

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Importance of Omnichannel Intelligent Call Center Solution in 2021

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There are multiple types of call center solutions available in the market nowadays. Everyone knows intelligent call center software is one of the most advanced call center solutions. Omnichannel communication means using all communication channels in the call center or business using the call center software and all communication channels are integrated into that software. An omnichannel intelligent call center software solution means an intelligent call center solution that supports omnichannel communication:

·        Voice calling

·        SMS

·        Email

·        Social media

·        WhatsApp

·        Fax

·        Help desk ticketing

Earlier using omnichannel communication was a luxury, but now it is a necessity. It is really important to use an intelligent omnichannel call center software solution for businesses and call centers. Read to know why.

1. That is what the customer demands

Customers have access to all major communication channels because of easy and affordable access to the technology tools. Some of them are completely free such as social media platforms, email, WhatsApp, etc. Also, those communication channels do not engage customers completely, unlike voice calls. On the other hand, some customers prefer calling as it is a great communication channel for straight conversation. Also, it helps in saving time otherwise spent in typing. It means each communication channel has its own benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, there is not a unified communication channel liked by all customers and prospective customers. Different clients would like and prefer communication via their favorite channels.  As already some businesses have been using omnichannel communication for customer support, all customers demand the same from their providers. Not using intelligent omnichannel call center software means you are not meeting the demand and expectations of your customers.

2. That is required to improve major KPIs

Each call center or business uses a call center software solution to convert some predefined business goals. Whether the team is reaching the milestones or not, needs to be checked. The intelligent call center software makes this task easier by providing a range of reports, which make KPI (Key Performance Indicator) monitoring easier. Different call centers and businesses can have different KPIs, but each of them needs to measure and improve KPIs. An omnichannel intelligent call center solution helps in improving major KPIs such as:

·        First Call Resolution (FCR) rate

·        Average call waiting time

·        Average call handling time

·        Customer satisfaction ratio

·        Call drop ratio

·        And more

3. That is required to sustain in the market

In all industry verticals, the market is really fierce. There are hundreds of competitors that are ready to take away your customers. Some competitors also cut the margin and offer the same product at cheaper rates. In this kind of cutthroat competition, what can help you retain customers and gain more and sustain in the market is your customer service. To deliver excellent customer services, you will need a tool that can meet customer demands. The omnichannel intelligent call center software can increase productivity and customer satisfaction, both. Therefore, using it becomes necessary for businesses and call centers in 2021.

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