How to Manage Your Magento Store?

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How to Manage Your Magento Store?

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To build an online store, there are several open source and proprietary platforms and frameworks available. However, according to A1QA, A USA- based survey, a majority of people prefer Magento development to build online stores and e-commerce websites

The reason behind the massive popularity of Magento even if there are so many other eCommerce solution development platforms available is its high adaptability, amazing features, and impressive scalability.  

To aid the e-commerce website proprietors even further, companies offering Magento development services come up with various add-ons, plug-ins, and extensions. Also, the performance and security of an online store built using Magento are often excellent compared to other ecommerce web development frameworks.

If you have invested in Magento development to build your online store or e-commerce web solution, you have taken the right decision. 

While managing an e-store, there might appear situation when your e-store stops working. You might not have knowledge of Magento and you want to make your hands dirty with this eCommerce solution development platform. Well, here are some of the tips you can follow to examine the issue and resume your online store working back to normal.

1. Upgrade to the Latest Version of Magento

Technology advances with time to meet the new requirements of customers in that industry. Thus, it is necessary to match the pace with technological advancements. Whenever Magento releases a new version, you should get your site upgraded. This helps in enhancing the performance and take advantage of better and new functionalities and features released by the community.

2. Examine All Installed Extensions

As mentioned earlier, Magento offers a wide array of extensions. Even your Magento development company would build an extension to add the required functionality. As many different functional requirements, you would have, as many extensions, your e-store will have.

Several Magento extensions in a single e-commerce site may create compatibility issues, which may negatively impact some store extensions or functionalities. It possibly forms barriers in employing multiple extensions and make use of them at a time. This can cause issues and deliver poor customer experience. Thus, checking extensions and removing conflicting and useless extensions can resolve the issue.

3. Examine Your Store Performance

An eCommerce store often has multiple users browsing the site and shopping online. Each site has a specific performance limit. It means at a time XX amount to online buyers can browse the site and shop from it and still get good experience. However, as and when this number exceeds, your e-commerce website will start degrading the performance and customer experience. If no actions are taken, the site will stop working.

In summation, an e-store crashes or goes down, when it deals with more clients than it can handle because it increases cookies, sessions, customer data, add to cart processes, payment processing, etc. To avoid the site crash, you have to constantly keep monitoring the performance of your e-store. You also need to scale-up the capacity when there is heavy traffic on the site.

Being an entrepreneur, it is challenging to watch the business processes constantly or asking someone from the team who does not have good command over Magento development and keep eyes on his performance. However, not monitoring performance may create major issues such as loss of business. Thus, you need to have a well-placed solution such as having a technical contract with a reliable Magento development company. The companies take care of technical aspects and deliver the required results while you handle your business.

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