How to Manage Remote Agents Effectively?

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How to Manage Remote Agents Effectively?

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Many businesses operate remotely and in the past six months, many other businesses have moved remote due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Some companies have announced that they will operate virtually until the world gets effective and safe medicine for Coronavirus. Operating remote often causes some challenges and one of the most common challenges is workforce management. In the call center industry, effective workforce management becomes essential and crucial. In this article, I will share major tips to manage remote agents effectively to continue yielding better performance and ultimately improve the same.

1. Empower agents with the best tools

Remote working causes some challenges to the agents if they have not worked in such arrangements. If you hire experienced agents, who have been working in remote setup, then your concerns and challenges would be fewer. In both cases, getting the right tools is necessary. Agents need to take calls continuously. They might or might not have strong bandwidth. Therefore, getting a call center solution with a Work from Home (WFH) add-on is necessary. This kind of remote call center software lets agents work with low bandwidth and even without an internet connection and a laptop. Similar to a call center solution, you also need additional tools for human resource management, attendance, etc.

2. Give the required training

Whether agents are experienced remote professionals or you move your on-premises team remote, you need to arrange training sessions. You can use a web conferencing solution having video conferencing features. This training should cover the following:

·        Training of using remote call center solution

·        KPIs to be measured

·        Expectations of the call center from agents

·        How to meet those expectations

·        Vision, mission, and values of the company

·        Training of other tools to be used by agents

3. Have weekly meetings

Listening to the concerns of agents and taking the required steps to resolve them can help increase productivity. For that, supervisors should have daily meetings with the team. All teams should have a weekly meeting, in which, common performance issues and their solutions can be discussed. Moreover, all issues of agents should also be addressed. Once the remote workforce gets used to with the remote working environment, call center solution and other tools, policies, etc., weekly meetings can be moved to biweekly or monthly meetings.

4. Allow agents ask for help

Agents might have any concerns or questions related to the usage of the contact center software, a specific customer case, etc. A remote call center must have an open environment, in which, agents have the freedom to reach the concerned person to get the resolution of their concerns and queries.

5. Keep eyes on performance metrics

A call center solution will show various reports. These reports can be used to monitor, measure, and compare different key performance indicators. The roadblocks blocking better performance can be addressed immediately or in weekly meetings.

6. Add some fun to work

Agents usually face a lot of stress. Moreover, working from home might make them feel isolated. Therefore, arrange virtual games, celebrations, and other fun activities to let revitalize the working energy.

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