How to Make Good Use of a Call Center CRM Integrated Solution?

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December 5, 2019
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How to Make Good Use of a Call Center CRM Integrated Solution?

Today’s businesses are smart enough to understand the demand of the market and adopt the latest trends. Call center solution is one of the top systems used in different industry verticals these days. The companies had been using the CRM system for long. One of the latest trends used by many companies to double the power of technological tools is an integrated solution made of call center software and CRM solution. 


The call center CRM integration is the process of integrating solutions, call center software and CRM solution. This solution allows its users to access features of both software solutions, namely, call center software and CRM solution within a single window. Furthermore, this integration introduces some automation. It means the changes made in any one record get reflected in another system also.


The call center CRM integration is one of the best tools used to benefit businesses as it reduces manual efforts as well as it increases productivity and performance of the staff. However, often companies fail to make perfect use of this most powerful solution.


How to make the best use of the call center CRM integrated system?

Any call center software and CRM system can be integrated together to work in a streamlined manner. For example, integrates VICIDial: Call Center Software with vTiger: CRM solution. This way any open source or custom CRM system and call center solution can be integrated together. To make the best use of it, follow below mentioned tips:


1. Understand the solution

To make the right use of a solution, it is necessary to understand the solution. The people fail to take benefits of the integrated call center CRM system because they do not know its all features. Thus, they use only those features which they are aware of. To not repeat this mistake, take a complete demo of the system from your call center CRM integration service provider. Make sure to keep all your supervisors and managers in the meeting to assure every key person knows the system well.


2. Train your staff

Once you and supervisors understand the system, you better arrange a formal training session for your staff. All members need to be in the training session that will use the system directly or indirectly. Explain all the features of this integrated solution. Also, show a practical demo of the system. Keep a session for question and answer and give enough time to your staff so they can ask all questions. You can also use features available in call center dialer to monitor the performance of executives to assure how they use the best use of it.


3. Provide resources

You can ask your call center CRM integration service provider to provide documentation, walkthrough video, and other resources that they can use to resolve their issues in real time and use the system at the best possible.


These are the top 3 tips you can follow to make the right use of an integrated system made available after professional call center CRM integration.

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