How To Get Reviews on AMAZON In 2022?

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July 29, 2022
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How To Get Reviews on AMAZON In 2022?

Amazon reviews are an important metric for businesses. Reviews are important for any online business, but on Amazon they are 10 times more important (and 10 times harder to obtain).

On Amazon, reviews have a direct impact on conversion rate, amazon product rankings, amazon sales, and more. Which means your ability to generate reviews will make the difference between your product’s success or failure and don’t expect Amazon to go easy on you if you are caught manipulating or incentivizing reviews.

For anyone looking to launch and rank a product on Amazon, the most important question is how to get reviews on Amazon. Here are the safe ways to get quality Amazon reviews.

Sell An Awesome Product

Your product is the most important thing if you want to get more reviews. The best outreach strategies won’t matter if your product is boring and unreviewable. Additionally, if you product is unremarkable or low-quality, any reviews you do get are unlikely to be five-star reviews.

It’s important to sell a product that people naturally want to review. This will make results much easier to come by when you request reviews. You’ll also get more organic verified reviews, without asking.

Use Product Inserts

Amazon product inserts are one of the easiest ways to get more reviews. With product inserts, you can reach every single customer with a review request.

You put a product insert in the packaging of your product. An invitation to leave a review is included on the card, along with a small “thank you” message. Your product insert might include a QR code leading to the product review page, or a landing page (that urges you to write a review).

Follow Up In Messenger Or Many Chat

Asking for reviews via Facebook Messenger can be an effective way to communicate and market your business.

Messenger has a higher average open rate and engagement rate than email, making it a more personal form of communication. That means a higher percentage of people see your messages, and act on them.

Facebook Retargeting

Using a list of previous buyers, and enough information to build a custom audience on Facebook, you can ask people to leave product reviews. This method may be a little expensive, so it is best if you are trying to compete in a competitive market.

You should thank your customer for buying, ask if everything is okay with the product, and then ask the customer to leave an Amazon review. Bonus points if you create a short video for this, which will make your ad more personal, and likely get more results.

Follow Up On Amazon

Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging lets you automatically request reviews and feedback from buyers. Using a software tool, you’ve got the ability to send very personalized review requests, as well as other communications (such as shipping updates and thank you messages) that contribute to positive reviews.

Make sure you follow Amazon’s rules regarding Buyer-Seller messages if you do this. Don’t ask for a review more than once, don’t specifically request a positive review, and don’t violate messaging terms.

Use The “Request A Review” Button

Despite Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging being less effective than it used to be, there is a new way to reach out to customers.

The “Request a Review” button appears when you view your orders in Seller Central. Upon clicking this button, Amazon will send a standard email asking the customer to rate and review your product. You won’t be able to personalize this email at all. The text is the same in every email, except for the product details and seller name.

One of the best things about this is that the customer doesn’t have to write a review. The email gives them the option to rate the email from 1-5 stars by clicking the stars. This leads to a lot more ratings, since customers don’t have to actually go through the effort of writing something.

Check Your Seller Feedback

Customers often leave feedback about products in the Seller Feedback section of your seller profile. You can ask these customers to leave their feedback on the amazon product listing as well.

If you find anything that fits as a product review, reach out to the customer, thank them, and kindly ask if they can write the same thing as an Amazon product review.

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