How to Generate Sales from Incoming Calls?

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October 15, 2020
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How to Generate Sales from Incoming Calls?

Any business or company needs to generate more leads and convert them into sales. If you are getting people ringing your phone, you have an opportunity to generate more revenues by selling to them. Using an intelligent call center software can benefit even further as it has amazing features to support the pitch and manage many other things. However, you can also apply these tips without using it. If you do not use the software, everything is up to you or sales reps and their skills. In this article, I will share how you can convert an incoming call into a sale.

Remember an incoming call can be of your existing customer or prospect and you can sell to both of them. Let’s explore how.

Selling to existing clients

It is very easy to generate revenue from your existing clients and equally difficult as well. Follow the below mentioned tips to generate sales from an incoming call.

·        If your customer has called to raise an issue. Pacify him completely. Using the same sales rep for the same customer can be more beneficial as your executive can build a strong bond with the customer. Intelligent call center software offers a feature, called Sticky Agent, to achieve this. Try to resolve the issue in the first call itself. As soon the issue is resolved, take their time for another call to collect the feedback. An intelligent call center solution offers automated callback features, which auto dials and connect the customer with the sales rep.

·        When the customer calls in or sales reps are connected to an automated callback feature to generate feedback, the sales can be generated. Listen carefully to the feedback. By keeping feedback in mind, pitch a service or product using cross selling and up-selling technique.

Selling to prospective clients

If a prospective customer calls in to inquire about your offerings, it is even easier to convert him into a new sale. Follow these tips:

·        Play an IVR if you are using an intelligent call center software solution to collect primary information from the customer. If you are not using this solution, the receptionist needs to manually collect this information.

·        Based on the collected information, the call needs to be connected to the most skilled sales rep.

·        Once the call is connected with the right agent by manual call transfer or automated call distribution feature available in intelligent call center software, the sales rep needs to take up the call. The sales rep must professionally greet the caller and wear a professional and confident attitude. The call center solution usually has a feature called Call Script. This helps a sales rep to stay confident and professional.

·        If a prospect asks for time to think, immediately ask the availability for the follow-up call and schedule callback in the software. Calling prospect at the exact time helps in leaving a professional and impressive business marks. This can help you convert prospects into sales.

Using all these tips and a team of skilled sales representatives will help you generate more sales by converting incoming calls into sales.

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