How to Find the Right Laravel Development Company?

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January 26, 2021
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How to Find the Right Laravel Development Company?

Laravel was launched back in 2011. In a few years of its launch, it had gained a lot of popularity as a web development platform to build secure, robust, and scalable platforms. To build any kind of web application, software, or website, Laravel development is a preferred choice of web development companies and developers. If you want to leverage the benefit of this web development platform to build your next web development project, you need the right partner. There are many Laravel development companies available in the market. To choose the right partner, you need expert advice. In this article, I have shared the top tips you can follow to choose the right partner for your Laravel development needs.

1. Look for Laravel development companies online and offline

There are many Laravel development companies or web development companies offering development services in this PHP framework. You do not need to inquire at all of those companies. You can shortlist 5 to 10 companies, which you can find online or offline. Online platforms are Google search, LinkedIn, business directories, etc. Offline platforms are references asked to the team, partners, vendors, etc.

2. Discuss your requirements and ask for suggestions

Once you find a Laravel development company, you should share your requirements with the company. Instead of guiding the company about what you are expecting, ask their approach and suggestions for the project under discussion. Dividing the project into the phases is one of the things the best Laravel development companies do. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) gets developed first, so you can reduce time to market.

3. Check portfolio

You must ask them to show their recent work in the technology you have selected for a web development project. Even if there are NDAs, checking at least screen layouts, graphics, etc. will help you get a hint of work they have performed. This is necessary to check as along with the functional accuracy, you will also be able to check the user interface design and user experience development performed by the company. UI and UX hold utmost importance nowadays because even if your web app or website has something unique to offer, if its UI and UX are not good enough, then consumers are less likely to explore it.

4. Discuss support

Once the website or web app development project is completed by your company, you will need ongoing support. Usually, support includes regular backup, software uptime, bug fixing, etc. Other than that, you may also need to have ongoing development work to add new features to your software. To make sure their support is not more expensive than their original project cost, you need to discuss the support cost in advance.

5. Judge based on their professionalism and communication

When you will discuss your project needs, you will get the opportunity to communicate with the company via phone calls, email, WhatsApp, chat, etc. Moreover, the company will share proposals, quotations, support contracts, etc. You need to be sure that the company is professional to assure the best customer experience in the future.

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