Easy Guide Of Rye-Whiskey For New Year

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January 9, 2021
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January 9, 2021
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Easy Guide Of Rye-Whiskey For New Year

A New Year wouldn’t be complete without the perfect rye-whiskey combo to that of your cherry family, and friends all lazing around the fireplace in the living room. Unwrapping presents, as the holiday cheer continues into the evening, the perfect rye-whiskey online would be the quintessential luxury that Santa can give you. There is never too much luxury, or is there? Find out now as you explore some of the wonders of the universe. Things that have been the awe of humanity. 


Here is a quick list of some awesome rye-whiskey that can be enjoyed at this year’s Online Alcohol extravaganza!


Barrel Craft Spirits Rye Batch 


A twinge of unconventional thickly wrapped into a cloak of perfection. The ideal blend of sweeter malted barley barrels tossed in with the Spicier High-Rye Barrels. Go and grab the amazing service of alcohol delivery at home and send your family this bundle of joy, Presenting a better than the usual, flavour-rich experience. Guaranteed to shake up your core with a thick punch as it is after all aged four years and six months.


Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye


An unmistakable smell of luxury, take a whiff of this! The Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye is like no other, with its inexplicable and often distinctive flavour. The unmatched smoothness of the Canadian whisky is combined with the renowned flavour known only to the Canadian rye grain. 


The perfect symphony of harmony and taste mixed into one. A smooth finish to creamy, rich butterscotch and spiced vanilla. 


Kentucky Owl 10-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey 750ML


The bluegrass state’s finest Rye-Whiskey is here radiating quality. A thicker, crisper, creamier, and syrupy feel. Providing a blend of citrus, oak, grapefruit and barbeque the Kentucky owl brings the spirit of the bluegrass state right into your living room. 


The perfect finish for your palette as it gives you a fiery finish of liquorice, nutmeg, and a quick feel of your favourite cayenne pepper. Get this delicious whiskey for your loved on by the Rye-Whiskey delivery services near you. 


This rye-whiskey represents not only the wonder of quality, taste, and luxury; it also embodies the spirit of a state, a thoroughbred state, the horse capital of the world. This ten-year-old rye-whiskey just like the batch before it brings you an aura of pride and wonder. 


Copper Fox Rye


Brought to you following a unique blend of Virginia-made thoroughbred grains brought in from the finest plantations. The Copper Fox Rye-Whiskey is a third Virginia rye and two-thirds hand-malted barley. Exquisite taste from a double pot distilled wonder and a fruity feel matured in the finest ex-bourbon barrels. 


Sensual aromas bolster your palate as it gorges itself on dried fruit and nuts. The ultimate rye as it finishes off with a sting of honeyed dry roast and peppery spice. 


With this wide assortment of rye-whiskey online delivery, your Christmas is bound to be nothing short of a miracle as you lounge around pampering yourself. The combo of a perfect whiskey by the Sendgifts online delivery service, to an already perfect holiday cheer. Now enjoy a well-rounded palette and an excellent feel. With this, we wish you the best on your holiday cheer!

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