Cloud Call Center Solution vs. On-Premise Call Center Software

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January 5, 2021
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Cloud Call Center Solution vs. On-Premise Call Center Software

Call center solutions have been gaining a lot of popularity. There are many types of call center solutions available in the market. The types and categories of this software get defined based on different criteria, one of them is the way it is hosted. Based on it, the call center solution can be categorized into two types:

1.      Cloud call center solution

2.      On-premises call center software

To choose one of them, it is necessary to know each of this software. In this article, I will share the similarities, differences, strengths, and weaknesses of both of these solutions.

What is a cloud call center solution?

When a call center solution is hosted on cloud space like Amazon Web Server (AWS), Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc. is called cloud call or contact center software.

What is on-premises call center software?

When this solution is installed on in-house aka on-premises servers, it is called on-premises contact center software.

On-premises vs. cloud call center solutions

As now you know both of these types of software, this is the time to understand the differences, similarities, strengths, and weaknesses of each by comparing them with each other.

·        Both of these systems can have the same features as both of them are the contact center software.

·        The cloud solution is way more scalable than on-premises software. Scaling up the capacity and features of an in-house solution may take weeks as one needs to first arrange physical servers and then deployment needs to be performed to scale up the capacity. On the other hand, a cloud contact center solution can be deployed easily and quickly. The space is always available, so it does not take long to scale up the cloud call center solution. It can be scaled up within a few hours or days.

·        The cloud contact center software gets installed on the internet. Therefore, it becomes necessary to implement additional security mechanisms to ensure it is completely secure. As we all know, everything on the internet has some threats related to hacking and security. Of course, the technology is quite advanced now and the providers of this software usually implement the required security checks to ensure your solution and well as other IT infrastructure stays safe on the cloud. On the other hand, as an on-premises call center system is hosted on in-house servers, it is often securer than its counterpart. Still, the data traverse over the internet and needs some sort of security.

·        The failover and load balancing the implementation of a cloud system are not only cost effective, but also very accurate. While implementing a load balancing and failover system for an on-premises solution is quite expensive and complex.

·        In many countries, hosting the contact center software on the cloud is not legally permitted. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use an on-premises solution even if there are many benefits of using a cloud call center solution.

·        One of the biggest advantages of the cloud system is the cost benefits. One can take advantage of the “Pay as You Go” model, which is not available with its counterpart. These cost benefits are quite high and useful. Thus, many people choose to use a cloud system.

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Author works in a company that offers different call center solutions such as cloud call center solution, omnichannel contact center software, etc. The company also offers various services such as VICIDial customization, call center WhatsApp integration, etc.

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