Can VICIDial Stand among Proprietary Call Center Solutions?

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March 6, 2021
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Can VICIDial Stand among Proprietary Call Center Solutions?

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Many businesses prefer using open source solutions and technologies because they are cheaper. At least that is what they seem to be. Some of the open source technologies and solutions actually work exceptionally well without a doubt. However, it is necessary to check whether the open source solution or technology you are using is still good enough to use or you are stuck because of it. In this article, I am going to talk about one of the most popular open source solutions in the VoIP and call center industries, which is VICIDial.

VICIDial is an open source call center solution. It is in use by thousands of call centers and businesses across the globe for many years. As we all know, there are many contact center solutions available in the market and they have many amazing features available. Therefore, the question that all VICIDial experts must think of would be is this software competitive enough to sustain among these advanced proprietary and hosted call center solutions.

Let’s explore more about this by inspecting important areas, which help in judging the competitiveness of any call center solution.

1. Advanced features

As VICIDial is an open source call center solution, it does not have advanced features by default. If you want to get the advanced features, then you will need to invest in VICIDial customization. By hiring a VICIDial expert, the advanced features need to get developed and integrated. This will force you to invest in the VICIDial customization, which will result in losing the main reason for using this call center software, which is using it for free as it is an open source solution.

2. Support of unified communication channels

Nowadays, call centers and businesses using a call center solution to cater to customer demands need to use unified communication channels, which are listed below:

·         WhatsApp

·         Live chat

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         SMS

·         Email

A call center solution that supports all these communication channels is called an omnichannel call center solution. VICIDial only supports phone calls. The remaining communication channels are not available by default. To add the required communication channels into it, you would not only need to get the APIs of those communication channels, but you would also need to invest in the development of modules to show the communication stream. It means along with the VICIDial customization to add the APIs of different communication channels, you will also need to invest in module development. This will make the whole process quite expensive.

Concluding notes

Being an open source call center solution, VICIDial has limited features. If you are running a call center or a customer care department at a very small scale and your customers are not that demanding, then VICIDial is good to use. However, if you are operating in a competitive industry, then, in that case, you will need advanced features and integrations in this software. That will make this software even more expensive. In this case, using VICIDial would not be the right choice. You better find a proprietary solution and use it in your favor.

Author Bio

Author works in a company that offers VICIDial customization and a call center solution. The company also offers VICIDial vTiger integration, VICIDial Zoho integration, and other VICIDial customization related services.




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