Call Centers In Comparison with Contact Centers

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Call Centers In Comparison with Contact Centers

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Client service is not an alternative for companies anymore as all enterprises, despite company size, require owning an exclusive team of professionals who can manage client inquiries and concerns. A study has discovered that clients are demanding more reliable client care than earlier and they are seeking dependable care along with shorter waiting periods. Enterprises require satisfying consumer needs as that can attain:

  • Improved market status
  • Increased sales
  • Increased client loyalty
  • Competitive advantage

Contact centers and call centers should be utilized for the aforementioned reasons. Contact center and contact center terms are often used indistinguishably. Even if these two phrases might appear identical at the sight as they give client care and consumer support, there are significant distinctions between them, which make them different. This article will serve you to know call centers and call center solutions better compared to contact centers and contact center solutions. This knowledge will also help you understand the need of your organization. You can easily define whether you need to have a contact center solution or a call center solution.

What is a Call Center?

A call center presents assistance in how incoming and outgoing calls are managed by a company for supporting clients. 

A call center offers support only by audio calls aka phone calls. Professionals who manage calls in a call center are called agents.  

Call Center Types

1. Inbound Call Center

An inbound call center is the one in which a company gets incoming calls from its customers. When a client calls, the call is assigned to an agent who is ready to take the call according to the procedure established by your company. The call center agent can see all the client information when the client call is attended by him or before that. Inbound call centers are employed to handle:

  • Billing assistance
  • Technical support
  • Post-sale support
  • Troubleshooting and 
  • Inquiries

2. Inbound Call Center

In an outbound call center, agents make calls to customers. Generally, call center solutions offer auto dialers which automatically dial numbers available in the list and transfer them to agents as per the predefined rules. Outbound call centers are used to run campaigns related to:

  • Subscription offers
  • Marketing
  • Policy change information
  • Telemarketing
  • Telesales
  • Up-selling
  • Cross-selling

Call Center Major Benefits:

Call centers have many use cases and benefits. Let’s explore the major benefits:

  • A call center offers a reduced risk when associated with a contact center. With a call center solution, all calls are routed to agents without the bustle and this makes operations simpler and faster. Due to its attention in call management, the risks related to something may go wrong is notably smaller.
  • A call center can manage large volumes of calls. Generally, call center solutions get developed using VoIP technology, which furnishes all companies with a reliable solution to handle hundreds of calls concurrently. Cloud call center solutions also offer auto-scale features to make them even stronger.
  • Call centers solutions are resilient. Your agents can work from home with powerful add-ons and dialer mobile app. Virtual call centers are becoming popular these days. Your agents can operate from anywhere in the world and manage calls from remote locations with comfort by using a virtual call center solution.
  • Call centers usually have more reports to offer than contact centers as usually, they offer comparatively less features than contact centers. For example, the only mode of communication available in the call center solutions is voice calling. Thus, assessment, monitoring, and reporting are easier with it.

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